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BONUS PODCAST EPISODE - Randy Wentworth, Pro Wrestler and cast of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

Posted by Jenny Blaze on

If you have ever seen Beyond Scared Straight from A&E back in the early 2010's, then you may agree that Snowflake Mountain on Netflix is a modernized/less controversial version of that show.  Like Beyond Scared Straight, Snowflake Mountain was great! We get to see young adults ("Snowflakes") get out of their comfort zone and try to survive in the wilderness.  Along the way we get to know these "snowflakes" in a way where you want to root for them and see their growth.  My tween and I watched it together and even got personalized guidance from Randy on how NOT to become a "snowflake".    
Oddly enough, Randy and I have similar missions trying to bridge the gap between communities.  Randy's just happens to be in the wrestling industry versus the cannabis industry.  Although, there is some crossover between those industries as well!  Check out this short bonus episode of Bravo & Blaze with special guest, Randy Wentworth.    
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