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Consuming As An Extension Of Wellness

Posted by Jenny Blaze on


Something that still stands out as a semblance of the cannabis industry is the difference between medical versus recreational consumption. State laws have forced us to perceive cannabis consumers as 1) consuming different products, 2) coming from different demographics, and 3) living completely different lifestyles.  When in reality there literally is no difference between medical and recreational marijuana other than laws and tax implications.  In addition, data shows that cannabis consumers come from all different demographics and levels of education.  (Side note: the data collected for studies is a great start but in my opinion is not a true reflection due to 1) evolving legislation reform 2) lack of participation from illicit market and 3) lack of participation due to fear of persecution.)

So what does this mean to the cannabis industry?  There is a perception from the general public that you either consume cannabis because you are "sick" or you consume cannabis to get "fucked up".  While both of these scenarios are true, they are both extreme and on opposite ends of the spectrum of what a modern cannabis consumer looks like today.

The public has not yet fully accepted cannabis as an extension of wellness when in fact, that is what the majority of people are using it for.  This idea of getting "fucked up" or getting incredibly stoned isn't even what most people are looking for.  We're all just trying to survive the day to day struggles of living in this broken down country. A lot of people are starting to become canna-curious to find alternatives to alcohol and prescription medications but also to enhance and elevate their current lifestyle. 

Here are some ways that I have used cannabis as an extension of my wellness and lifestyle:

    1. Replace alcohol. I no longer get out of control, do/say things I regret, and I don't feel physically ill during or after consuming.

    1. Elevate my workouts. Yoga and weed is personally one of my most favorite things in the world. The mind-body connection is taken to another level and you really get to tune into your body in a way that allows you to both challenge yourself mentally and physically but also give yourself grace at the same time.

    1. Be innovative and think outside the box. Sometimes as adults, professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, etc. we get stuck or find ourselves in a rut. Consuming allows me to open my mind and start brainstorming things that I may not have thought of when approaching a problem in need of a solution.

    1. Enhance my creativity. As parents, we are constantly trying to entertain our children with the most mundane and boring shit (I said what I said - Nene voice). If I consume and play a game with my kids, I find myself more immersed and creative allowing me to maximize the quality time I have with my children.

    1. Manage my ADHD. Consuming allows me to take a minute to organize my thoughts. I am someone who needs structure and organization or else I feel chaotic because my mind will be racing trying to think of all the things I need to do or get done. Part of managing ADHD is to establish a routine and structure for yourself so that you can allow your brain to focus on things you choose to focus on rather than the first shiny object that crosses your screen.


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