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Dorit's Cheer Spirit for Jamie Lee Curtis on RHOBH Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Posted by Jenny Blaze on

Dorit Kemsley & Jamie Lee Curtis

If you don't bring Dorit's cheer spirit for Jamie Lee Curtis type of energy, then we might not be able to be friends.  


This was the first episode of the season where I actually had a good time and it was during the scene with Dorit praising Jamie Lee Curtis over the My Hand In Yours items that she was promoting on last night's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RHOBH, The Weight of Words (Season 12 Episode 11).  I would say Dorit entertained me so much with that clip that not only am I currently shopping for my own My Hand In Yours merch, but Dorit's stock just went up in my book.  I love a supportive friend.  I love to see it.  We need more moments like this on Bravo!  


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