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"I am multi-faceted, okay? I am every woman. Every woman is in me." - Dr. Heavenly, Married To Medicine Season 9

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"I am multi-faceted, okay? I am every women.  Every women is in me." - Dr. Heavenly, Married To Medicine Season 9
"I am multi-faceted, okay?  I am every woman.  Every woman is in me." - Dr. Heavenly, Married To Medicine Season 9

1) I love Dr. Heavenly! She is so hilarious. I just started Married To Medicine last year but my dream someday is to watch the entire series from the beginning. I feel like I would need AT LEAST a full work week to properly binge.

2) I am realizing that I haven’t introduced myself in a while or maybe even at all. 🤔 I am Jenny Blaze. No, it’s not my real name but I’m open to the idea of legally changing it. 😝

I started Bravo & Blaze in February 2021 and went from live tweeting to meme making to selling merch to starting a podcast to reaching #8 on the Top 100 Indie TV Reviews charts!

When starting my account I knew I wanted to maintain my core values of being authentic and doing things that bring me joy. Just doing these things (plus applying business best practices) has led me to amazing opportunities that I never even thought were possible.

I've accomplished so much while being a full time mom and now I am ready to elevate this shit!  I have been working on launching my new podcast, @thecannabismomboss, where I am interviewing people in the cannabis business to learn how they got into the industry and what their journey has been like coming out of the "Green Closet".  My mission is to modernize the perception of cannabis consumers and help people safely & confidently come out of the "Green Closet" through education, awareness, and providing this online community for support.  Make sure you go follow and sign up at!

In the meantime, I'll use my old corporate days for this one. Two Truths & A Lie: (Guess which one is the lie in the comments below):

  • It's been 9 years since I started coming out of the "Green Closet".
  • I dabbed with GG from Shahs of Sunset.
  • I quit drinking alcohol.


Here's a full truth, I will be documenting my journey so that we can look back as we learn and grow together.  Stay tuned to learn more! 

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