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Wow.  Today marks 11 days since the Scandoval news broke and I am still unwell.  (Cue Dorinda:  I'll tell you how I'm doing.  Not well, bitch!)

RHONY Real Housewives of New York Dorinda Medley Not Well, Bitch

There has been so much information spread, rumors leaked, commentary made, lawsuits surfaced, charges filed, podcasts published and statements released in such a short amount of time!  I am now referring to my life before Scandoval as B.S. (Before Scandoval.)

If you are brand new to Vanderpump Rules and are looking to do a quick catch up, check out the Peacock guide to help you get up to speed.  My husband asked me why Scheana can't work at SUR while Brandi is a guest of Lisa's private party and I almost lost my mind.  This is BASIC information, people! 

Peacock TV & Bravo TV Vanderpump Rules Catch Up Guide

I'm not here as your source for facts or breaking news around Scandoval.  However, I have documented my entire journey throughout this Scandoval that is still unfolding before our very eyes!  The level of shock this has instilled in my soul is PALPABLE.  I will never recover. 

I streamed LIVE for almost 4 hours total in a THREE PART journey through this Scandoval where I share all the news I witnessed via social media (mostly on Instagram but some Twitter as well.)

PART ONE [WATCH/LISTEN] of Scandoval gives you a glimpse into the state of mind I had been in when the news broke. Bravo Bravo, Ducking Bravo (@bravobravoduckingbravo) and I had just recorded my weekly episode of Bravo & Blaze with Jenny Blaze which was special for two reasons.  1) I'm a birthday monster and this was my special birthday episode (I wore a special outfit and everything!) and 2) Bravo Bravo, Ducking Bravo was my first live virtual guest on the show!  [Full episode: WATCH or LISTEN.]. 

PART ONE shows a glimpse of how I unraveled during the first 24 hours of Scandoval.  It included matching lightning bolt necklaces, how Tom and Raquel (her real name is Rachel) want to BE TOGETHER, and how Bravo swooped in to capture everything. 

PART TWO [WATCH/LISTEN] of Scandoval covers the rest of the weekend where more and more news was coming out.  Apologies were made, paparazzi was called.  And it all went on into my ACTUAL BIRTHDAY and I'm still wondering if it was a curse or a gift from the Bravo Gods. 

PART THREE  [WATCH/LISTEN] of my Scandoval coverage continues into March 9, almost a whole week after the news broke and I barely got to dig deep into this psychological, sociological, anthropological reality TV GOLD MINE.  We get more apologies, a new episode (that we're all watching with a new lens), and a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and special guest Lisa Vanderpump. 

Since Part Three I have listened to multiple podcasts (Lala, Kristen, Stassi's, and The Bravo Docket.). I started a rewatch (currently on Season 2) and there is still more information coming. 

I also made an appearance on TMZ where I was able to give my thoughts on Scandoval to which Harvey and Charles interrupted and asked if what I was saying was true because they were in complete shock and disbelief that Tom Sandoval dressed up as his MISTRESS (Rachel/Raquel Leviss) for Halloween while hanging out with both his long time girlfriend, Ariana Madix, AND his mistress! Watch their reaction here.

I'm working on a PART FOUR (UPDATE: we're counting days post Scandoval so part 4 is now Scandoval Day 14) for this week's episode of Bravo & Blaze with Jenny Blaze as well as having a special guest. Stay tuned but catch up on all three parts of How Tom Sandoval & Scandoval Tried to Ruin My BIRTHDAY and don't forget to follow on social media!

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