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Juan Dixon Does Not Show Up For The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion & I am LIVID!

Posted by Jenny Blaze on

Bravo fans to the Dixons: You can go, LITTLE GIRL! - Mary Cosby energy 👉🏻

As I started the Potomac reunion last night, I was folding some laundry and happened to have my FAVORITE black leggings (from Brock Davies' Homebody clothing line - not sponsored) in my hands. When Robyn said Juan would not be joining, I LITERALLY threw my favorite leggings on my bed in frustration! Now, I know this is for entertainment purposes but this is WHY this is even more frustrating because they’re manipulating the viewers and now we're not going to get answers.

These are my expectations as a viewer when I watch Bravo:

1. The “storylines” may not be 100% authentic. Meaning, there are forced moments of interaction between cast mates who would otherwise never be in a situation together if it weren’t for filming. I’m ok with that.

2. They are being paid to have their lives documented in the most authentic way they can. Meaning, we are not deliberately lied to. Obviously their behavior is highly prone to manipulation and/or influence by the responses of the viewers so I expect them to have human emotions when the audience weighs in heavily on their personal lives.  However, to intentionally lie and act on camera just feels...INSULTING.

3. I also expect that the cast are aware of the passion and emotional investment that the viewers have.  While I do not agree with viewers ever attacking cast members in any way, I expect that the cast understands that they are spoiling the entertainment value for us.  I watch Bravo not to attack the people I'm watching but to discuss and have deeper conversations about life.  This platform has been and can be used for many good things for so many people.  To tarnish that amazing part of this community feels f*cked up to me.  "To me, that's an F U." - Ramona Singer, Real Housewives of New York

So...what do y'all THINK Bravo should do about this and what do y’all think Bravo WILL do about this?

Check out my last post about the Dixons. 😡



Bravo Fans to Robyn Dixon & Juan Dixon Using Mary Cosby Little Girl Pointer Finger

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