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Life of an iHeart Radio Podcaster with Ryan Bailey of So Bad It's Good with Ryan Bailey

Posted by Jenny Blaze on

I couldn't wait for the weekly podcast episode for this interview with Ryan Bailey.  Join us as we learn more about Ryan Bailey, the iHeart radio podcast host of So Bad It's Good With Ryan Bailey.    
Check out Ryan's new show:  
  • Kathy Hilton mistakes Lizzo for Precious 
  • Ryan's acting career with The Office and How I Met Your Mother 
  • Acting classes with Armie Hammer and Whitney Cummings 
  • How Aviva throwing her leg led to Ryan finding his people 
  • Words of wisdom to Ryan from Danny Pellegrino 
  • How smart and rich podcast listeners are 
  • People buying $1000 bedsheets because Ryan recommended them 
  • Vulvas 
  • Branding himself as insane 
  • Podcasting as a journey of self growth 
  • Being raised on Housewives 
  • Interacting with Bravolebs 
  • Expanding the Bravo fandom world 
  • The reason Andy won't heart Ryan's stories 
  • Podcasting shame spirals 
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