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Married To Medicine Season 9 Episode 6 Viva Las Vegas RECAP with Jenny Blaze of Bravo & Blaze

Posted by Jenny Blaze on

Married To Medicine S9 E6 Viva Las Vegas  
  • Jacqueline Walters handles a whip at dinner.   
  • Simone Whitmore ignites the tension between Heavenly and Contessa. 
  • Heavenly Kimes gives free marriage advice at brunch.   
  • Contessa Metcalfe and Heavenly go at it again at brunch.   
  • Quad Webb made it clear that talking about someone's career is crossing the line.  Period, dot. 
  • Toya Bush-Harris is not interested in tantric sex.   
  • Anila Sajja talks about butt sex. 
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