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Prince Harry Uses Psychedelics to Heal Grief & Trauma

Posted by Jenny Blaze on

Prince Harry Uses Psychadelics to Heal Grief & Trauma (@psycspotlight)Prince Harry Uses Psychadelics to Heal Grief & Trauma (@psycspotlight)


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I went into a shroom OBSESSION a few years ago. 😁 I started growing Lion’s Mane, Reishi, & Oyster mushrooms and became fascinated with the entire Fungi Kingdom.

My childhood family friend / Korean Emo (Emo = Korean version of “auntie” but only if it’s your mother’s close friend or actual sister 😆) was diagnosed with onset Alzheimer’s so I started buying and making Lion’s Mane mushroom tea to give her and also start consuming for myself to be proactive on my own brain health. (There’s the narcissistic part of my brand 😝) Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane mushrooms have proven benefits to the brain. Google it. 😮‍💨 Obviously, being the curious person that I am, I also started educating myself on the science and benefits of “magic” 🍄 as well. (I’m scared to write out the proper term in fear of being BANISHED or MURDERED by these social media platforms. 🙄)

Apparently there are AMAZING benefits to treat depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health related conditions. I’ve spoken to many people who have told me about their first hand experiences as well. So to hear Prince Harry speak publicly on such a GLOBAL level felt very encouraging. Some states in the US have decriminalized and have even gone fully legal.

As an advocate for natural healing and mental health, this was a very exciting moment at the intersection of pop culture media and holistic health. 🤗

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