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RHOP Real Housewives of Potomac: Robyn & Juan Dixon ACTING ON CAMERA

Posted by Jenny Blaze on


RHOP Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Episode 11 Show Time! Juan Dixon We Are Not Those People


WE ARE NOT THOSE PEOPLE!” - Juan Dixon responds to Robyn Dixon in Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Episode 11 Show Time!

This is his response to her mentioning the fact that she had just consulted with a lawyer about an infidelity clause.  😒

  • We all know Juan cheated on Robyn in the past so his response is ludicrous.
  • We are now finding out that Robyn has admitted to Juan having an affair during the pandemic and that she knew BEFORE season 7 was filmed. 

    What does this mean?

    • Robyn is acting on camera denying and pretending that she doesn't know about his alleged affair.
    • Juan is manipulating and gaslighting all of us!

    Dude…this is like…disturbing. Knowing that Robyn knew about Juan’s affair but covering it up and filming this scene is on another level. It feels very sociopath-like and now I’m scared. 😩

    I feel emotionally defrauded by them.  They hoodwinked us and I'm not happy about it.  This goes back to me wanting Bravo to adopt a model similar to the WWE so we can have hard rules and guidelines of what is and is not tolerated on these shows.  

    Please let me know what you all think!


    Check out the newer blog post about Juan Dixon not showing up to the reunion! 😡

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    • I could tell how much this bothered you by seeing your posts and comments. It’s truly scary what people will do for money, including turning into sociopaths and narcissists. We’ve seen it so many times in the Bravoverse! Giselle appeared to try and pull the same mess on the reunion by saying she didn’t want to talk about her surgery…uh, no ma’am we are here for the openness of the people who chose to be on a REALITY TV SHOW!! Both of the GEB have slid under the radar for far too long and I’m glad they’re finally being exposed for who they really are.

      Lin-Z on

    • I totally agree. They shouldn’t have left it out. That’s part of the show. That’s the kind of messy, juicy tea they know we as watchers want. And the network and the boss Andy is expecting. It’s very shadey on their part.

      Shannon Tulloh on

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