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Tom Schwartz on Winter House is the Scandoval Continuation We All Needed ⚡️

Posted by Jenny Blaze on

Winter House Season 3 Episode 1 begins on Friday, March 10 at 2:38PM MST (1 week after Scandoval news swept the world.)


On Saturday, March 11 at 9:18AM MST, Kyle texted Schwartz to which Schwartz replied, “Heading to LAX soon. I would usually be giddy but this whole melodrama has a hold on me.” 🙄 (Don’t forget he was on a couples trip to Big Bear with Sandoval, Raquel, and Jo just one month prior to this. He was COMPLICIT!)


At 3:46PM MST the gang is seen tubing and having the time of their life. It looked really fun and I kind of wish I was there. 😆 Meanwhile, at LAX, Tom Schwartz is basically interviewed by paparazzi for a whole 2.5 minutes which he definitely did not have to do. 😂 He also called Sandoval a POS. 💀 TMZ released this video at 3:00PM PST.


At 5:04PM MST, Tom Schwartz arrives in his Uber from the airport. He looks ROUGH in his confessional and immediately collapses on the floor after walking into the house and kisses the floor. 😳


Also, keep in mind while watching this season of Winter House that Schwartz is going back to film the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Reunion after Winter House filming ends.


Things to remember while watching:

1️⃣ He threatened a cease and desist towards Katie (his WIFE) on behalf of Jo when he allegedly “fell in love” with Below Deck Katie during Winter House.

2️⃣ He tried to diminish what happened to Ariana by highlighting how much love and opportunities she’s received from the world as if that cancels out the AWFUL deceit that he played a role in.

3️⃣ He totally made out with Raquel WHILE her and Sandoval were having sex in Mexico and we still don’t know if he knew about the affair at that point. I’m alive again and Scandoval is back on. 😮‍💨🔍⚡️

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