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Vanderpump Rules JAMES KENNEDY Appreciation Post

Posted by Jenny Blaze on

Vanderpump Rules James Kennedy Appreciation Post

"Weed has always just made me feel normal, you know.  Smoke it in the morning.  Smoke it in the afternoon.  Smoke it at nighttime." - James Kennedy, Vanderpump Rules Season 9 Episode 13 Unprogress Party

I’m not saying James Kennedy is the poster child for anything. However, I greatly appreciate that James shares his sobriety journey on the show. And I appreciate wherever he is on his journey. 😮‍💨💚

We had a licensed substance abuse counselor, G. Scott Graham, on Bravo & Blaze last year who is not familiar with Vanderpump Rules or James Kennedy. I gave him the background of James quitting alcohol and I asked, should James quit 🌱? The response was, “only James can answer that question.” I thought that was pretty amazing because James says himself on the show that it helps him function better and be a better version of himself.

The full circle moment for me was when I was able to tell James Kennedy this story face to face at Bravocon. He seemed sincerely grateful and was one of my favorite people that I got to meet! 🤗

I know James has done some vile things on the show but I just can’t quit him. Rooting for James Kennedy is one of my toxic traits, I guess. 🤷🏻‍♀️


James Kennedy (Vanderpump Rules) & Jenny Blaze (Bravo & Blaze)

One of my favorite memories from Bravocon. 🤗


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