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LIVE: Vanderpumping & Scandovaling with Ryan Bailey of So Bad It's Good With Ryan Bailey

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We are discussing all things Scandoval, Vanderpump Rules, Schwartz & Sandy's, etc. with special guest, Ryan Bailey of So Bad It's Good With Ryan Bailey.

Join us LIVE on Friday's at 12PM EST on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Audio replay available on Spotify, AppleGoogle PodcastsStitcher, and iHeartRadio.


  • 3:21 Ryan Bailey of So Bad It's Good With Ryan Bailey
  • 6:48 Bravocon 2022
  • 9:41 Ryan was at Coachella 2022 with Tom Sandoval
  • 12:01 Ryan was at the Daily Mail party at Schwartz & Sandy's shown in early episodes of S10
  • 15:28 Did Schwartz & Sandoval create this diabolical plan?
  • 19:30 Ryan plays a clip from S5 where Tom is talking to Ariana's brother about their sex life
  • 22:23 When does Ryan think the affair started?
  • 26:16 Have you been Vanderpumping nonstop?
  • 30:15 Raquel's statement regarding the temporary restraining order
  • 34:00 Thoughts on James Kennedy's reactions to Scandoval
  • 41:09 Does Ryan think Brock is a good guy?
  • 45:16 Jax Taylor always making an appearance
  • 50:43 Lala Kent on RHOBH Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
  • 55:05 Did Schwartz know about the affair?
  • 59:18 Are we sad that the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion wrapped at 7:30PM?
  • 1:09:18 Bravocon 2023 location and date?

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